Sunday, September 12, 2010

And The Ferrari's Are Back!

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  With the disaster of Spa behind him, Ferrari's golden child Fernando Alonso took the gold today at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, Italy and wasted no time to celebrate saying "It compares to the feeling I had when I won the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona in 2006 - both are very special moments." He later added that the team needs "to find consistency in the last five races." With both Ferrari drivers taking podium at Monza the spirit of a Ferrari Championship is still alive, and if they hope to take the Championship they are going to need to keep their competitiveness up. But with defending World Champions McLaren Mercedes still actively seeking the title, and the rise of RBR Renault in the Driver Standings, Team Ferrari is going to have a very difficult battle on their hands. Especially given the massive margin between Alonso and second place holder Lewis Hamilton, the battle only gets harder.
  As is always the case in F1, nothing ever stays the same for too long. The real excitement coming up in Singapore is going to be whether McLaren Mercedes can get both drivers past the finish line, whether RBR Renault can maintain their standing at number one with Mark Webber, and whether Ferrari's Alonso can dethrone Hamilton and Webber from their respective places in the standings.

What comes of the Singapore GP, we shall see in two weeks!

(Very nice explanation of the Monza track by the infamous Sebastian Vettel of RBR Renault: YouTube

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