Sunday, September 5, 2010

Few Options on Both Sides

As this recent New York Times article points out, Democrats are feeling the heat from Republicans in the lead up to November, and they're trying anything they can to keep the majority they have in both houses.
But the real question beckons, are Republicans in good enough shape to not only regain a majority but govern effectively? Policy differences aside, the real threat to a Republican majority wont come from Democratic opposition, but from within their own party. If there is one thing the primaries in Florida and Alaska have shown us is that the GOP is bitterly divided and ultimately fractured.
While Democrats face a serious crisis in November if the economy doesn't let up, the Republicans will find themselves in the same seat if they cannot unify and begin to have a solid agenda that isn't just criticism.

Something tells me a Contract with America isn't going to be seen for sometime.

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