Monday, September 20, 2010

The Scary Side of This Election

  It seems to me these days that Republicans, voters and politicians alike, are really eating the sensationalist crap up. It is like they love it or something. But the reality is, is that as soon as those politicians get a congressional majority and they no longer have sensationalist crap to eat up they're gonna be caught with their pants down. Along with their pants being on the ground, they're also going to be caught with NO AGENDA! That is the part that worries me the most about this rise in the Conservative camp. Yeah, go ahead and criticize Obama, that is fine. Liberals criticized Bush like there was no tomorrow, but at least they had a plan in place so when the time was right, they could get the measures and bills they wanted passed, passed.
  I don't align myself with Republicans, at least not as of lately, but the one thing I will always commend Republicans for was the 1994 Contract With America. It was genius, unheard of, and held those politicians to their word. Republicans: Start another contract with America that clearly outlines your economic policies, not just the short-comings of President Obama's. Also, try not to alienate voters. Make this theoretical Contract as non bigoted as you can. Just because our nation is making strides to further assimilate groups of people that have been ignored for years, doesn't mean you have to be so vehemently against it. We're a Nation that holds a complex culture with a wide range of people with varying values, lifestyles, ethnicity, and beliefs. Embrace it and stop fighting it.

  Bring any of this to the table and then you can say you have a legitimate reason to be running for office other than the specter of a government run amok. Last I checked, letting a government go out of control WASN'T a partisan issue.

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