Thursday, September 9, 2010

Does Palin Have the Midas Touch?

  Given how Sarah Palin's endorsement of Joe Miller in the Alaskan GOP Senate Primary played out, is it a stretch to say the same will happen now in Delaware? As the LA Times is reporting, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is endorsing Republican candidate Christine O'Donnell over incumbent Rep. Michael Castle. The anti-incumbent sentiment is running high, and it seems as though efforts on part of Sarah Palin and the Tea-Party Express is only going to amplify the anti-incumbent sentiment. But will Sarah Palin's formal endorsement really make a difference? Delaware is very different from Alaska, but given Sarah Palin's national status amongst Conservatives, it's not hard to see why her endorsement would be a game changing factor. But the story of the Alaskan Primary might have owed more to the Palin-Murkowski Feud than it did anti-incumbent sentiment.
  Family Politics aside, if Palin's endorsement in Delaware spells success for O'Donnell, will it cause a mad frenzy among Conservatives to vie for her support?
Disregarding the fact that Sarah Palin isn't even a candidate, this election season can be majorly successful for her if she continues a flawless endorsement streak.
Whatever the result in Delaware it is sure to be an exciting time leading up to November.

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