Monday, September 13, 2010

Boehner Might Be On To Something...

  Everyday, Representative John Boehner is further solidifying his role as GOP party leader on Capitol Hill. He hasn't always been the man for compromise on key pieces of legislation (ie, Healthcare and Financial Reform), but he is now slowing but surely becoming the man Democrats will need to go to in order to forge any meaningful deal before November. With both the expiration of the Bush-Era Tax Cuts and the Mid-Term Election looming large, incumbents in both parties are in a mad frenzy to appeal to their constituents in any way, shape, or form. While it is most definitely possible that Boehner's recent comments and subsequent shift on the Bush Tax Cuts may seem as a ploy to neutralize President Obama's blitz campaign on Congressional Republicans, it is most definitely Boehner's way of forging and solidifying himself as a compromise man on the economy and as a true Republican leader. Congressional Republicans are still readying themselves to fight the expiration tooth and nail, but John Boehner is taking a different, more calculated, approach to the matter. Rather than fighting fire with fire, Boehner is instead bringing a pale of water, rather than another torch.
  If his plan of allowing tax cuts for the wealthy (earners of $250,000 or more in annual income) to expire and keeping in place the tax cuts for the middle class, he could very well be looking at some middle class appeal come November. Much like Florida Governor Charlie Crist's tactical maneuvering and vetoing of the controversial SB6, this could garner, in one fail swoop, broad appeal to a rather large chunk of the American voting base regardless of their party affiliation.
  Strategic political planning? If Boehner and his aides have their heads on straight, you most definitely bet it is.

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