Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts on The New Twitter

  Twitter has gone and done it again: The folks at Twitter Inc. have unveiled their redesign of Twitter.com, and just for the record, I freaking LOVE it! Unlike the last site revision, it didn't change up the look of the login page, leaving the rest of the site the same, or add a few quick action widgets for users profiles. They have completely revamped how users see and interact with the website. Rather than having to surf multiple pages to get to the content you want, now the info you want comes out discretely to the right of your Twitter feed all without having to reload any web page (Ajax use to its max).

Page link here: YouTube

  This reminds me a lot of how Twitter for iPad works. You have standard info on the right of the screen, with new data and info being loaded on the left of the screen. Seems as though Twitter's acquisition of atebits and Loren Brichter, is rubbing off on more than just their iOS apps. To be honest, I couldn't be more excited for Twitter. It's a really powerful platform that gets stronger everyday, and this redesign is really giving users a nice way to interact with social media. If the redesign pans out well, I wouldn't be surprised if the popularity this, and its final implementation, will garner a new era of growth for Twitter. While the site has been plagued by people signing up for accounts and never actually doing anything with it after, I have a slight suspicion that this redesign may get users to stay around longer.

Cheers to you Twitter!

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